Pixel Smash Games Ltd was founded by Jonny Severn and Niall Muldoon in 2016. They established the company with the sole purpose of creating high quality, premium, cross platform games that leave players wanting more. Pixel Smash Games is made up of an experienced team with a proven track record within the console and mobile gaming industry. The directors combined have over 25 years experience working successfully within the video game and other creative industries. The team’s unique experience and industry contacts enables them to deliver high quality games that exceed expectations.

Jonny Severn

Founder & Designer / Creative Director

Jonny has a proven track record developing groundbreaking and award winning creative content for almost 20 years. Working with major publishers such as Sony, Microsoft, Rare & Activision. He has been responsible for successfully delivering games across a broad spectrum of devices. Titles worked on include: Tethered, Halo 5, Guitar Hero Live!, DJ Hero 2 and Kameo. He has also designed and produced two mobile apps: Alpha Zoo and Super Powerboy.


Niall Muldoon

Founder & Technical Director

Niall has been a programmer in the video game industry for 10 years, working with the likes of Sony and Activision. Most recently, he was the Technical Director at Pixel Blast and the Lead Programmer for Super Powerboy. His career has seen him developing titles including Guitar Hero Live!, Sing Party, The Shoot, Buzz: Monsters and Buzz: RoboJam. He graduated from the University of Abertay, Dundee with a 1st class degree in Bsc(Hons) Computer Games Technology.


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